Economic Vitality Incentive Program (EVIP)

This is the new State program that is replacing Statutory Revenue Sharing for local communities like Hamtramck.  The intent of this program is to encourage communities to make certain changes in operations by tying funding to specific actions.  The EVIP program identifies three steps that all Michigan cities need to accomplish in order to receive their share of this State funding.  Each step is worth 1/3 of total revenue sharing for our community.  Each of these steps is presently worth approximately $400,000 to the City of Hamtramck.

The three steps are:

1.  By October 1, 2011, commuities must have a citizen's guide and dashboard for our citizens to access.  This information will be on this website and will be provided through a link to Munetrix, a provider's website where this information will be maintained and updated in real time.  (See the link below to access this website.)

2.  By January 1, 2012, communities must have completed a plan with one or more proposals to increase existing levels of cooperation, collaboration and consolidation within their jurisdiction or with orther jurisdictions.  This plan must list previous efforts and include any cost savings and/or projected cost savings through future efforts.

3.  By May 1, 2012, communities must certify that they INTEND to implement a number of changes to their employee compensation packages dealing primarily with health care and pensions.  Within this program there are two provisions that apply to all new hires, and two that apply to all employees.  We anticipate that this section will eventually change from indicating our intent to showing what will be implemented, when it will be implemented, and we expect that we will be required to track ongoing savings through these efforts.

All of this information must be provided to the State by the dates noted above.  This information will also be published on this website directly, or via links to other websites where this information will be maintained.

It should be noted that with the elimination of Statutory Revenue Sharing, and the implementation of EVIP, the City of Hamtramck, like every other community, has already lost 1/3 of the funding previously received from the State.  In our case we have already lost $600,000.  This stresses the importance of meeting the above requirements, in order to maintain the remaining funding for the city.

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