is now available for everyone to use is a service that takes police information and displays it on a map of our community.  The information relflects all crimes that have been reported.  The information is updated on a weekly basis.  In order to access this information go to the link shown below.

A couple of things you should know about how to navigate this site.

  1. When the site first comes up it will show crimes in Hamtramck and the immediate surrounding area of Detroit.  In order to edit the information to Hamtramck only do the following:
    • Top center of the page is a button titled AGENCIES, click on this button
    • You will see a line titled "Only show crime reported by", click on the down arrow
    • Select Hamtramck Police (this will filter out Detroit information and only report Hamtramck)
    • Click on the AGENCIES button to open up the screen for a better picture of the map
    • Click on an individual icon to show the incident, date, time, and block in which the incident occurred
  2. If you would like to sign up for crime alerts, click on the orange button towards the top of the page and follow the instructions.  You will need an e-mail address in order to receive this information.

The link to is: