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Hamtramck Fire Department


Steven Paruk-Fire Chief
313-365-8686 option 1.

Paul Wilk-Fire Marshal

313-876-7760-option 2


 and general information




The Hamtramck Fire Departmentís mission is to protect the lives and property of the citizenís of the community.  We also strive to protect out personnel from hazards and injury through training and safe work practices. 

The Hamtramck Fire department consists of 32 people.  Of these, 2 men hold administrative positions and are assigned to a 40 hour, Monday through Friday work week.  These two positions include the Fire Chief who is responsible for the departmentís overall administrative duties and all emergency operations, and the Fire Marshal who oversees, fire prevention, fire investigation, and public education. 

( Click here to read more about Mission Statement of the Hamtramck Fire Department)